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Welcome to LANCO Construction

Planning to Remodel or Build?

Getting Started - It's Easy and Exciting.

Make a "Wish List" - Dream BIG - don't hold back - have a little fun. Start with the space you've been dreaming about and describe what it will look like.  Write down ideas, sketch floor plans, clip pictures from magazines, watch the Home and Garden station on TV.  Ideas, Ideas, Ideas.

The "Feeling" - Describe the feeling you want the space to have as well as the activities that will occur there.  We will use this list during the design process to incorporate artful details and unique features that speak to your lifestyle and tastes.

Establish "Priorities" - What are the most important and least important details.  What do you want most in the project and what can you live without if necessary.  What are the reasons for remodeling?  Is it to increase storage or counter top space in the kitchen?  Add more bedrooms for the kids?  Modernize and OLD bathroom?  We will use this list of priorities to create a footprint for your space and to design functional space.

Plan your "Finances" - Discuss your budget and spending comfort level.  Your budget should reflect available funds and funds you are willing to borrow.  Consider the property value in your neighborhood.  Are you willing to increase the value of your property to a point where your property is one of the most expensive homes in your neighborhood?

Ask Questions - As you plan your project, ask questions.  Whether you are considering light fixtures or bathtubs, entry doors or color schemes, become knowledgeable.  Don't hesitate to ask "dumb questions"; they're easier to handle than "dumb mistakes".

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